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Because a joint venture is not just another business

Water Street Partners helps JV CEOs, JV Board Directors and parent company executives navigate the singular challenges of forming and operating JVs, consortia and other complex partnerships.

Protect your investment

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Are you a good JV Director?

Twelve critical dimensions are the difference between a good and poor JV Director.

How does your Director group rate?

Rate yourself

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Is your JV moving fast enough?

Your JV’s decision making speed is a key indicator of JV health.

Is your JV governance efficient enough to stay competitive?

Move Faster

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Are you leaving money on the table?

Most JVs are losing 10% to 30% in earnings through suboptimal interfaces with their shareholders.

How much could you recoup?

Maximize profitability

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JV Dealmaking Standard of the Week


See this week's highlighted standard, and find out what Water Street Partners believes are the key pieces of JV dealmaking excellence.

Survey of JV Dealmakers


Participate in our latest benchmarking, and see how your strengths and gaps in JV dealmaking compare to others. |
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JV Employee and Secondee
Engagement Survey


Benchmark the level of engagement of your JV employees and secondees against your peer JVs. |

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Webinar - Defining the Governance
Model for a JV

Learn about the governance-related questions that dealmakers should be asking themselves, including tools and approaches that dealmakers are using to answer them. | Register now